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Break DancingBreak Dancing - Break dancing is danced to funk or hip hop music generally and is often remixed to make the "breaks" last longer. We have and link to sites that offer help on how to breakdance, video clips, moves, MP3s & accidents.

You can try and learn how to breakdance by buying DVD's, watching free online video tutorials that give step by step instructions. Or generally just by practising and trying different things. Also the six step breakdance.

If you want to learn how to breakdance then you can do it in a variety of ways. You can find out whether there are any break dancing lessons happening in your area, watch online tutorial videos, buy breakdancing DVDs or by simply trying different things yourself. Some people don't advise buying the how to breakdance DVDs as they say they're not very indepth and won't really help you...but maybe some of them out there will help you. It's all about seeing what works for you.

Actual Lessons

The Basement Dance Studio - London, UK.
BBoy Planet: One of the best breakdancers in Paris! Breakdancing at its best! Learn how to breakdance with their one day intensive break dance workshops. Work intensively for a minimum of 3 hours on a Saturday. Excellent tuition! Learn much more break dance. Their timetable of scheduled lessons can be found on their site.

Fresh Rice Breakers - Houston, Texas, USA
The Fresh Rice Breakers were started in 1996 to promote and practice Hip-Hop and specifically Breakdance on the Rice campus. FRB holds regular dance practices on campus, were they teach and learn breakdance. If you live near and want to learn how to breakdance, get in contact with them and see if you're allowed!

Breakdancing lesson in progress
Some people taking a breakdancing lesson

Breakdance Step by StepBreakdance Step by Step - Bullet points to try and help you breakdance step by step. If instructions in writing isn't your thing, then we have two break dancing DVDs that can be bought online. Plus a video sample of one of the DVDs.

Six Step BreakdanceSix Step - The six step is exactly that, 6 breakdance steps. When done slowly it may not seem like much, but when mastered, and done at a decent speed the six step breakdance looks a whole lot better.

Other pages you might be interested in

Breakdance MovesMoves - There are a large amount of different breakdance moves that can be performed. Whether it's a drop, footwork, freezes, "power moves", floats, hand hops, spins or something else, the imagination is almost endless.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

eHow - How to breakdance free online videos for beginners. Videos to show you how to warm up, popping and locking, windmills and more. Some of the videos are quite short and not in great detail, but if you watch them a few times over and/or pause it now and again then you can begin to learn it.

Bgirl Firefly - Take beginner or intermediate classes in the UK. Headingley Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Headingley. More details can be found here.

Google Directory - A list of some very nice breakdancing websites. Some are links to sites that offer lessons and teach you how to breakdance, others are simply based on pictures, videos and more.

Learning via DVD

How to breakdance breakin it dvd (Click to enlarge)
How to break dance - Breakin' It DVD

Breakin' It: How to Breakdance Volume 1 is a complete introduction to breakdancing. Learn foundation moves, freezes, power combos and tricks. Start out with basic moves like the 6-Step, Top Rock, Freezes, Hand Stand, Back Spin and K-Kick. Then move on to more advanced moves like Windmills, Flares, Rubber Bands, Jackhammers, Elbow Hops, Swipes, Airtracks and Head Spins. Each move is broken down into easy to follow steps by members of the UHF Krew. Slow motion and multiple camera angles make this a great instructional DVD. Bonus: Learn how to warm-up to prevent injuries and take your moves to the max plus see the UHF Krew in action, combining the moves they teach you into dance routines. Great moves for breakdancing or martial arts freestyling!

Preview of DVD on YouTube

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