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Break dancing is danced to funk or hip hop music generally and is often remixed to make the "breaks" last longer. We have and link to sites that offer help on how to breakdance, video clips, moves, MP3s & accidents.

Breakdancing Intro
Break dancing, breaking, b-boying or b-girling is a dance style evolved as part of the hip hop movement among African American and Puerto Rican youths in the South Bronx of New York City during the early 1970s. One of the major breakdance street culture pushes was Michael Jackson's Robot dance, first performed on television in 1974.

Break dancing video clips can be found all over the internet, especially on popular video sites like YouTube, Stage6 (no longer running) and others. Generally the people that are good at break dancing are good gymnasts in terms of their abilities to do various moves like back and front flips.

Some Things We Cover

Break dancing how to image
How to Breakdance
To try and help you improve at break dancing you could try buying some of the DVD's that are out there as well as viewing online tutorial video clips that try to show you the various break dancing moves step by step.
Breakdance video clips image
Breakdance Video Clips
Videos from YouTube and places alike that show some of the great break dancers out there. And maybe some of the not so great ones too.
Breakdance moves image
Breakdance Moves
Info and videos to tell and show you some of the break dancing moves. This section isn't about giving you steps and showing you how to do it. The 'How to Breakdance' page will cover that.
Breakdance history image
History of Break Dancing
Where it came from, and who people believe it all started from. One thing that is for certain is that it all started kicking off in the early 1970s.
Breakdance MP3 image
Breakdance MP3
Details on what music to breakdance to, popular break dancing music tracks and various other thoughts on what people think the best music to breakdance to is.
Times Square break dancing image
Times Square Break Dancing
This page is mainly about the 1 video that was recorded in Times Square that went slightly wrong. It's funny to a degree, but others may think otherwise. Always keep an eye on your kids!

How to BreakdanceHow to Breakdance - You can try and learn how to breakdance by buying DVD's, watching free online video tutorials that give step by step instructions. Or generally just by practising and trying different things. Also the six step breakdance.

Breakdance Video ClipsVideo Clips - Breakdance video clips of a range of different people and competitions. More videos can be found throughout the rest of the site and at the many websites we link to.

Breakdance MovesMoves - There are a large amount of different breakdance moves that can be performed. Whether it's a drop, footwork, freezes, "power moves", floats, hand hops, spins or something else, the imagination is almost endless.

History of Break DancingHistory of Break Dancing - The history of break dancing, and links to sites that have different articles regarding the history of break dancing. It emerged from the Bronx in the 1970's & became popular with its intro onto the New York street scene.

Breakdance MP3Breakdance MP3 - Breakdancing doesn't need music, but it makes it a lot better. A well selected tune can make you "look" and feel better. Obviously you need the skills, but the music can help. List of possible breakdance mp3's you may like.

Times Square Break DancingTimes Square Break Dancing - The famous Times Square break dancing video that is all over the internet. Some find it extremely funny, & others not so funny. We also cover other videos taken of break dancers at Times Square.

Shannon Break DanceShannon Break Dance - Shannon break dance videos. Bill Shannon AKA Crutch has Perthes' disease, also known as Legg-Calve-Perthes' disease, and so he uses his own custom crutches to break dance and skate in his own style.

Breakdancing AccidentAccidents - Breakdancing accidents are inevitable at one time or another, it's just whether people get the chance to catch it on video. We've managed to find a few of them, but I'm sure there's more out there somewhere!

Extreme BreakdancingExtreme Breakdancing - Extreme breakdancing is just normal breakdancing except it's to a very high standard. Things like doing very fast and long spins on your head just to name one of the very many extreme moves you can do.

Break dancing positions
Break Dancing Positions

Someone breakdancing (Click to enlarge)
Someone Breakdancing

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